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NOTE: see CVS for up-to-date Changelog

Version 0.6.4 (released 22.05.2006)
Some speedup of autocompletion code
added warnings and code cleanup / consolidation
UI improvements (Edit/Cut-Copy-Paste menues, do not force numeric on sci.notation, ...)
initial support for keyboard navigation with 5-way 'fnav' resources (Treo etc.)

Version 0.6.3 (released 06.03.2006)
Unification of similar code reducing .prc size
Global find support

Version 0.6.2 (released 25.02.2006)
Removed erroneous check for "bug in locateFirstSplit, use ForceResort" (bug #1391083)
Fixed "Parent totals not reset on I/E reset" (bug #769365)

Version 0.6.1 (released 18.10.2005)
Fix bug with junk transactions showing up or transaction missing.
Speed up transaction browsing considerably in many cases
Compilation fixes for newer tools
Compile with -Os for smaller size and better speed

Version 0.6.0 (released 28.01.2003)

Internationalisation (German and French versions included)
Multiple currency support
Note support for both transactions and accounts
Income accounts displayed with reversed sign
Allow to create new account from Choose Account form
choice of default payment method for the transaction form
Add equity account type
Replaced total/cleared display with  drop-down; remember selection state
Record now button for scheduled transactions
Scheduled transactions can be paused, without being deleted or recorded on demand
Facility for clearing Income and Expense accounts
Facility for adjusting the cleared balance only
Included overdrafts option

Version 0.5.1 (released 01.09.2001)

Implemented a nifty calculator which can be used when entering transactions and account details.
Support for local number formats.
Password checking and Balance Adjust features have been reimplemented to run on PalmOS versions earlier than 3.5.
Bugfixes for transaction scheduling.
Databases are backed up on sync.

-----    0.5.0   -----
Support for split transactions
Lots of bug-fixes and re-writes
The program changed its name from PalmCoins to FreeCoins

-----    0.4.2   -----
When an account is collapsed its balance is included in the displayed total
The collapse box is unhighlighted automatically
Accounts unselected when exiting from transaction list (now can choose any default account)
Fixed bug 424845 (deleting the default account)
Fixed bug which prevented displaying last account under certain conditions
Groovy new icons :) (large, small, b&w and colour)

-----    0.4.1   -----
Fixed preferences initialisation problem (causing a memory write to an invalid location) when the program is run for the first time
Fixed bug 409435 (deleting transactions)
Users not allowed to delete accounts used by the program
Added number field for transactions
Added credit checkbox (the payments/withdrawals are display with inverted sign)
New account browser form
Transactions use the new account browser
Can create sub-accounts
Replaced the fake indentation with real one - based on depth
Account names are clipped if they don't fit in the column
Collapsable account tree
Parent accounts display total in children accounts when collapsed
The program displays a message while creating the sample accounts on startup
Quick transaction button (together with default account selection)
Can choose default cleared state for transactions
Fixed bug 407185 (adding scheduled transactions)

-----    0.4.0   -----
Scheduled transactions support
The date is now changed/choosen by a selector trigger (as opposed to a button)
Moved Cleared column on the rhs of the screen
TODO file renamed to todo.html
Account details can be accessed from the transactions screen menu
Tap on account name will now take the user to the transactions screen
Tap on expected balance column will take the user to scheduled transactions list (unless the transaction screen is set to a specific category)
Split code in a separate code sections
Income and Expense categories are now un-editable
-----    0.3.8   -----
Fixed a bug related to displaying scroll arrows
Fixed bug which caused a crash each time a transaction was updated
PalmOS < 3.5 compatibility code (now the program seems to run on PalmOS 3.1)
Ability to display a column which indicates/modifies the cleared state for each transaction	(it is on by default; it can be turned off from the preferences dialog)
The default view in the transaction list can be selected from the preferences dialog
Fixed a crash occuring when trying to delete an account
Fixed a bug which caused the preferences to be inactive
-----    0.3.7   -----
Fixed Bug #123651 (the account list not initialised properly when creating a new transaction)
Corrected spelling mistake ('amount' as opposed to 'ammount')
Translated most code to C++
-----    0.3.6   -----
Fixed lots of very bad bugs which made the program unusable (Vlad) (adding accounts, modifying transactions, loading the tables)
A few more changes to the account format - hopefully it now has all it needs for implementing a true tree structure (Vlad)

-----    0.3.5   -----
New fields in the Account structure (Vlad)
Merged scroll arrows code (Vlad)
Help for the Accounts Form and Transactions form (Vlad)
Can display cleared and/or uncleared transactions separately (Vlad)
Adjust balance dialog in the Transactions form (Vlad)
All records are sorted; initial account indentation support (Vlad)
Removed binary files from CVS tree (Vlad)
Currency is now formated and alligned to the right (Carsten)
Date format is fetched from the Pilot preferences (Carsten)
Bugfixes in the Transactions dialogs (Vlad)
The AccountDetails and New Account forms merged (Carsten)
Bugfixes in displaying account details (Carsten)
Merged TransactionDetails and New Transaction Forms (Carsten)
-----    0.3.4   -----
Can delete accounts and transactions.