In order to translate FreeCoins to a different language the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Translate the program itself, by translating the strings in

  2. Translate the help for the program

  3. Translate this manual: get the XML files from CVS and translate them

At the moment the following translations are available:

English (en)YYY
French (fr)YYN
German (de)YYN

Translating FreeCoins

Translating FreeCoins is relatively painless. First you need to get the file named You can obtain this either from the source distribution of FreeCoins, located under the resources directory or from the project website by downloading it from CVS (follow the CVS links from the project page).

First thing you need to do is to copy the entire translation "en" section (from begin to end) and paste it underneath. Change "en" to your language and then proceed translating (and replacing) each string on the right hand side of each line with the equivalents in the new language. Leave the other strings (the left hand side) untouched. By doing this you translate all the messages generated by the program internally.

Next step is to translate as much of the user interface as possible. In order to do so, work your way through the rest of the file picking up all the strings and translating them. For example, the first string you will encounter is "Account List". For this string, add the following line to the end of your translation section: "Account List" = "Translation" (where Translation is the translation for the Account List string to your new language.


When translating the user interface it is very important to make sure that the new translated strings are not any longer than the original strings.

When you are done, post the file back to the project, by using the patch upload mechanism available from the project page or emailing one of the developers

Translating the help for FreeCoins

In order to translate the help for the program, you need to copy the resources/help/en/ directory to resources/help/xx, where xx is your language code. Translate all the files in this directory and send them back to one of the developers in order to be integrated into the program.