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The FreeCoins official release (source and binary) and freecoinsExport (for Linux & Windows) are available at release list page


Just use the regular methods to unzip/untar the file and install the .prc file to you handheld/emulator. Please note that data saved by versions prior to FreeCoins 0.6.0 cannot be used by FreeCoins 0.6.x, and at the moment there are no plans to support that.

There is evidence that you must delete PalmCoins/FreeCoins from your device before installing FreeCoins. Not doing so will probably lead to Fatal Errors or other unpleasant side effects.

Also note that FreeCoins will not work on PalmOS versions earlier then 3.5. Feel free to read the manual, source documentation and source and then fix this ;-). See this link for more details.

Reporting bugs

The best way to do it is via the Bug Tracker . If you have a Sourceforge account you will even be notified by email when the bug is corrected or updated :-).

Asking for new features and getting help

Use the Feature Request Tracker on the SourceForge page. The FreeCoins-misc mailing list is the best place to talk about any thoughts you might have on FreeCoins.