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Note: Items with a checkmark are already implemented in the CVS repository and will be present in the next release.

Page last updated:  2002/08/15 00:13:13

Misc tasks

  1. 'from account' name in the transaction dialog (I'm not really sure where it could fit, as transaction form is rather full, but it seems a good idea
  2. Transactions can be cleared/uncleared and reconciled
  3. action popup instead of the button removed; should contain the choice of default action (view register, details, create new transaction)
  4. possibility to make notes private (and/or maybe encrypt them)
  5. when a transaction is reconciled, ask for confirmation on modification
  6. possible; when a future transaction is set by the user as cleared, it should *not* clear until its date; also any attempt to clear it should fail

Usability/interface issues

  1. use colours to make the interface look pretty :)


  1. choice of sorting method (ascending/descending by date or amount)
  2. change some of the displayed information in the table display

Dumped ideas

  1. possiblity to create simple reports (should display total available funds including overdrafts, profits, assests). Reports should be created on PC, after export/sync. As it is, FreeCoins provides a pretty good overview of what is going on with the accounts