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Author:  Vlad (diz) Mereuta [email: diz /at/ kateanddiz /dot/ cjb /dot/ net]


FreeCoins is a full-featured accounting program (similar to GnuCash) for the Palm OS released under GPL.

Some of the features in the program are:

More help is always welcome so if you have any ideas, found any bugs or just want to say that the program is useful, email me or drop a note on the SourceForge project page.


If you find FreeCoins useful you can make a small donation to the project using the link at the top of the page. Donations will be used to develop features for FreeCoins which take advantage of new technologies


Reporting bugs, asking for new features, help

See the  Downloads page for information on how to do it.


FreeCoinsExport is a GPL program developed and maintained by John F Meinel. This application can be used create CSV and QIF files from the FreeCoins databases.

This can be extremely useful if you want to import your FreeCoins data into other programs or just create reports in a spreadsheat program.

freecoinsExport can be obtained from the downloads page.