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Vlad (diz) Mereuţă


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Table of Contents

1. Quickstart
Installing FreeCoins
FreeCoins and double entry accounting
Why you work
Tracking your money
What is a double entry accounting program?
About double entry accounting
Example business, RocketScience LLC
2. Reference to FreeCoins
Copying and Pasting in FreeCoins
Managing currencies
Organising and viewing accounts
Creating and categorising accounts
The account display selector
Working with transactions
Transactions and splits
Unbalanced transactions
Scheduled transactions
Cleared and uncleared transactions
Creating transactions
FreeCoins preferences
Maintenance operations
3. Information on exporting/syncing FreeCoins
4. Developer information
Compiling FreeCoins (and other PalmOS programs)
Translating FreeCoins
Translating the help for FreeCoins
CVS information

List of Figures

1.1. Start of business
1.2. Deposit to check
1.3. Capital account
1.4. Advertising expense
1.5. Screen after advertising
1.6. Screen after revenue
1.7. Profit and loss account
1.8. Main screen after profit and loss
1.9. Profit and loss after owner's equity
1.10. Main screen after owner's equity
2.1. The currency editor
2.2. Entering account information
2.3. The account selector
2.4. Unbalanced transaction
2.5. Transaction scheduling
2.6. Entering transaction details
2.7. Preferences
2.8. Purging transactions